Physicians Voted Trump…..why?

This physician voted for Donald Trump. Here’s why.

A physician who voted for Donald Trump gave strong reasons why she did. She hesitated to put her name because of the outcry the election has caused but only indicated that she is a female physician, Let’s call her Dr. Jane. She said she felt a great need to express why she voted the way she did.

Physicians Voted for Trump

She practices independently with one other physician. In her words she said they are hanging on by a thread, but still hanging on. With a staff capacity of six, five full-time and one half-time employee who have been with them for years. The physician said, they have so far maintained health insurance for their employees but with decreased reimbursements as well as rising healthcare costs she has become pessimistic  not only on how well they’ll go on with not providing health insurance but also keeping their business as an independent practice. 

The physician was concerned that in January 2017 her health insurance is going to add to about 200 percent and also her deductible.  She’s not certain where the extra money would come from. Their practice attend to a relatively large number of patients every single day with great help of electronic health records, but with uncontrollable rising expenses such as rent, health insurance and utilities she not hopeful on how long they’ll remain independent.

The physician recounted her days in med school in the 1990s at the time when Hillary was charged with the duty of modifying the health system. She recollected that there was a fiasco that came with Hillary care which made a number of doctors close up shops and even her family doctor who retired early had warned her not to study medicine.

On a final note the Physician said she would have preferred if Elizabeth Warren or Bernie were elected and added that as a woman, she greatly respects Hillary and her career accomplishment but did not like her as president because of the catastrophic damage in the 1990s which resulted to dramatic increases in healthcare cost. She was emphatic, that she doesn’t want the same old thing happening again.

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